Welcome to our Home Buyers Video Series. We are here to help you through the buying process, to be your advocates and to make it easy!


Making a life altering mistake when purchasing a home can cause undo financial burdens to people and families. This is why we have created the Home Buyers video library. Browse our acclaimed videos below for valuable information about how to find your dream home without paying too much. With topics ranging from mortgage pre-approval to the role of your lawyer to home inspections, our orignal video series covers all the common questions and misconceptions about buying a home in todays ever changing real estate market. If after viewing our video series you still have questions, please feel free to speak to either Martin or Kevin who are always ready to help. It is our mission to help you through the critical steps so you can purchase your dream home worry free…



Hire a Real Estate Professional


The Importance of Mortgage Pre Approval


Don’t Pay Too Much


Inspections Can Save You Thousands


What Happens on Closing Day


Your Lawyers Role


Steps to buying a home:

Because you are visiting our website we expect that you have a pretty fair idea of the property you want to buy but, just for the record, let’s review your thoughts:

Step 1: What would you like to buy?
What size of home must you have? What size of home would you like to have now and in the not too distant future? Bungalow, two storey, townhouse, condo, rental property? A newer or an older home? What special features must you have — how many bedrooms, bathrooms, family room, dining room, den, office, playroom, pool, gardens, laundry room, finished basement, garage, workshop, in-law suite, fireplace, ease of access, storage? Do you have pets?

Step 2: Where do you want to live?
City or a rural community? What neighbourhoods do you favour? First choice? Second choice? Could there be an acceptable third neighbourhood where you might want to live? What services must you have in the neighbourhood – schools, stores, shopping, churches, day care, bus routes, parking, recreational facilities, playgrounds, parks.

Step 3: Prepare your budget:
To make the strongest offer possible get “pre-approval.” The process takes a few days to a few weeks. With your pre-approved mortgage certificate, it’s like taking cash to the seller. You will have a definite advantage if you are competing against other offers.

Step 4: Pick your realtor:
When you are serious about buying a property, it makes sense to work with a professional. We can make it easier. We will review the properties available and select those that meet your criteria. We will arrange showings, provide property and finance information, seek out information to establish market values, prepare your offer, arrange for presentation and negotiation with the seller and/or the seller’s agent, help you arrange inspections, and ensure that all government forms and sellers’ disclosures are provided,. And we will follow through and help take you through the closing. The information we’ll share will be confidential, allowing our communication to be more open overall.

Step 5: Enjoy the “journey”:
You will find the destination puts you “at home.” It is exciting to know that one of the homes you look at with us today will be your home tomorrow!