Permit me to tell you something about myself

Homes are one of my passions.  I’ve been in real estate for 25 years. I became a realtor after I launched and successfully operated a multi-inspector, Home Inspection company here in Ottawa for 9 years.

I personally inspected 3600 homes inside and out. My staff inspected a further 6,000 home. So I have an unrivalled and special knowledge of homes in Ottawa. Clients love the very detailed insight and benefit I provide when we view homes. My specialty is knowing what to do when home issues arise. I will help you solve the problem effortlessly and move on to your next wonderful place to live.

Success in any “people” business — real estate is no exception — takes great sales and negotiation ability. I worked with several multinational companies in sales and marketing for more than 15 years before I came into real estate. That experience helped me to acquire the skills necessary for success when it comes to putting the deal together. It takes knowledge and ability to provide sales, marketing, negotiation and problem solving skills for my clients, and I’ve got what it takes.


Becoming a Realtor was natural. I’m a people person and have been a sales and marketing specialist for more than 30 years. When it is time to list your home, its about knowing what a buyer will see in your home — and selling its features and benefits — that has provided the best success for my clients.

I take the time to help each home owner understand the process of buying and selling a home, thereby helping us anticipate surprises for you, the seller. Keeping your home-sale stressless and trouble free is all about knowing.


When helping my clients buy, I love to educate my clients about homes, but most importantly, buying the “BAD” home is avoided. I know what to look for and always listen to my clients regarding their personal comfort level with repairs that a home may need. No home is perfect. It’s looking for the right home that fits my clients needs and knowing more about the home that makes a valuable addition to helping you buy a home.


I completely understand the process of buying and selling homes and making it easier and trouble free for you is my priority.

Kevin Kelly


Direct: (613)620-3939

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