TEMP – How our team works with you

We blend our skills for each of our clients. Think of us as home movers. Together – through teamwork – we carry more than we could carry alone.

Our clients like this paired approach. We’re two-for-one.

And our differences are our strength. Kevin’s years in the home inspection field and Martin’s skills in research and systems are complementary. We’ve been a team since we shared a desk in Grade 4. Our engineering training makes it easier for us to look beyond the number of bedrooms and the attractiveness of the landscaping.

We are solution-oriented and we search to find options for every challenge facing the home seller or buyer. Of course there are issues with every house. You may ask how serious are the symptoms of age in the home? How can structural problems be resolved? What are the alternative solutions to the financial issue?

You will always have questions; together we will get you the facts. Home buying and selling can be a complex process.

We know how to pull information together and how to summarize it. When there are figures involved we use graphs, charts and spreadsheets to aid understanding.

We stay on top of the market, abreast of mortgage rates and even the latest building products. Our computers are programmed to monitor, in real time, specific markets. Our search engines email information instantly to our clients whenever sought-for properties are listed on the internet.